Ed O’Bannon is messing with your video games!


ea ncaa football video game

The NCAA recently announced it is cutting ties with EA sports, the creator of NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball video games.  Very much like Madden, it’s the same video game every year. You pay $70 for the 2012 changed to 2013 and then pay another $70 the following year to have the box that says 2014.

The only other thing that changes are the players. Players that O’Bannon says should be compensated for their appearance on the game. O’Bannon played for the 1995 UCLA Bruins basketball team which won the national title. He was a great college player!!

ed o bannon

A judge has agreed to hear his case and make a ruling, though the affects are already being made.  Without the official licenses from the NCAA then EA is sure to not produce as much profit. This case could have a big effect on merchandise sales. Only time and a judge’s ruling will tell.