Tuesday Thoughts : Old School Video Games remain the best

tecmo bowl nfl blitz

The football game, Madden, is a juggernaut of a video game franchise. Being on the cover has become a pop culture Heisman trophy. College dorms crown residence hall champions, fundraiser tournaments draw big money as everyone thinks they are the best and take pride in this competition. I think the game is awesome with its game play and realistic features.

Nevertheless, Tecmo Bowl and Blitz remain the best football video games ever made. Nothing beats these legendary titles.

Tecmo Bowl can be defined by one team…the Raiders. All a player had to do was hand off to Bo Jackson and you knew you would score. Bo never got fatigued and you only had 4 plays to call and 2 of them were hands off to him. Bo knows Video Game Dominance!

Blitz was the rule breaking, mean, and nasty game that thought outside the box. In Blitz a player could body slam opponents and hit late after a player goes out of bounds. It was all testosterone.

Who needs a PS4 or Xbox One when all you need is an old school Nintendo or N64?