The Stud’s Blog-Time is drawing close…..

The days to my return are moving like a comet though the Night Sky. I began to pack my wrestling gear bag with my tools of the trade. It involves so much detail to pack just right. I have 3 pair of custom boots to chose from, as well as numerous singlets and wrestling tights. I coordinate each thing. I am a true believer in Image and appreance to the fans.

I am trying to coordinate my Saturday as far as getting a workout in and finishing up any last details. I need to have more pictures copied to sell. I am a heel “bad guy” but people still buy my pictures to tear them up in front of me. Long as the $$ they spend does not get torn I’m a happy camper.

I will try to get a good meal Friday night as I’m sure my stomach will be too nervous on Saturday to eat. I have always said the day I don’t get nervous on a show day. I will hang up my boots.  I expect Saturday to be very hectic. I may not have time to blog much the rest of this week due to outside responblity. I hope to take you along step by step Saturday night up till I enter the ring.  I sincerely hope you are enjoying my thoughts as much as I am putting them down. It has heighted my excitement for my return.


The Stud’s Blog-13 months…..

It has been 13 months since I stepped into the ring. I dislocated my shoulder March 2011 and had surgery Jan 4 2013. The rehab was long and painful, to get a shoulder back to the level of the pounding it takes in the ring is long and hard work. I am nervous bout my return. When you care about a sport and have a passion for. It. You do not want to do it just 75% of your ability you want to give it your all. I wonder if I am ready to step back in the ring? Will I be able to pick it right back up? Will the ring rust be too much to shake? I guess when my music hits and I get in the ring and I absorb that 1st hit from my oppentent I will know. Stay tuned my Stud Nation. It’s only 5 days away. More updates to follow on my long road back.