Monday Morning Quarterback for January 27th

 The NFL is still the MOST POPULAR SPORT 30 years running……


Every year since 1985, the Harris Poll has conducted its annual Most Popular Sport Survey.  Here are the results of the current 2014 Poll:

NFL                            35%

MLB                           14%

College Football        11%

Auto Racing                 7%

NBA                             6%

NHL                             5%

College Basketball      3%

Interesting points about this Poll since it began in 1985……

  • The NFL has been voted the most popular sport every year of the Harris Poll (30 years in a row).
  • MLB was second in 1985 as well (24 vs. 23 percent) to the NFL.
  • The NFL remains the popular, despite the negative backlash due to safety in the sport.
  • Even though it finished second, MLB continues to lose ground on the NFL.
  • You would think that College Football and Basketball would be more popular than the results from this year’s Poll suggests.

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Have a great week!!!