Which conference is # 2 in the nation in college football?


Which conference is # 2 in the nation in college football?

When I ask this question I am acknowledging the fact that we can give the # 1 spot to the Southeastern Conference (SEC). There is no way to argue that case when the SEC holds the last 7 national trophies. Due to the SEC’s dominance in college football, including 9 BCS titles out of 15 title games ( 60%) we can safely say the SEC is # 1.

Let’s break down who is # 2…….

Big 10

Big Ten: Ohio State is the only team from the B10 to represent their conference in the title game. Nebraska, even though a current member was a member of the Big 12 when they advanced to the title game. The Buckeyes obtained 1 national title in a classic game against Miami in 2003. I am sure most of recall the pass interference call on Miami that helped the Buckeyes get another shot at scoring and thus sending the game to overtime. They were blasted by Florida in 2007 and LSU in 2008 in the other title games. Sorry Big Ten but Ohio State alone and 1 national title isn’t going to cut it to be # 2.


ACC: Teams represented in the BCS championship game are: Florida State (3x), Virginia Tech (1),  and Miami (2x but was previously a part of the Big East). The ACC has had ZERO appearances since 2003 in the BCS national championship game. Also, much of the ACC’s success can be credited to Miami and the Big East. Therefore, the Atlantic Coast Conference loses validity as the # 2 conference in the land.

notre dame irish

Independent: The fighting Irish are the only independent to play in a BCS national championship game. Last season, Notre Dame ran through a mediocre schedule and found itself in a battle of historically rich programs when it faced Alabama. The result was an embarrassing 42-14 defeat, proving that you have to player tougher teams than Pittsburgh if you want to compete for a national championship. I think we can rule out independents as national title contenders…sorry BYU and Idaho .

That leaves the final two contenders…..PAC 12 v. BIG 12…Who’s bringing home the bronze and who captures the silver?

In third place…..

Big 12

Big 12: Oklahoma (4), Texas (2), and Nebraska (1) combine for a total of 7 title game appearances with 2 championships. Nebraska has since defected to the Big Ten or B10 but was in the Big 12 when they went to the title game. Three different teams, even though both Oklahoma and Nebraska should not have been in the title game after losing in the Big 12 championship game, have been in the BCS championship game.  They have two national titles and the most appearances of any conference other then the SEC.   Two national titles are the closest to the SEC and that has to say something right?!  Nebraska, who again was crushed in the Big 12 championship by Colorado, was awarded a change at the title over Pac 12 champion Oregon only to be crushed by Miami in 2002. Likewise in 2004 Oklahoma, who was upset by Kansas State, was awarded a shot at the national title despite a 12-0 SEC Auburn team. Two opportunities were granted when they should not have been and that works against the Big 12.

Pac 12

Your # 2 conference is the Pac 12!

Both University of Southern California and Oregon have represented the Pacific Coast in the BCS championship game, with the Trojans winning one BCS title. Yes USC earned the AP title in 2003/4, but remember we are talking BCS not AP! The two BCS losses by USC and Oregon were in dynamite games.  USC fell to Vince Young’s Texas Longhorns in 2006 where the game was truly decide by whichever team had the ball last. Oregon lost in 2011 to eventual # 1 draft pick Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers.

So there you have it…….congrats Pac 12 your number 2!!!

What I Saw on Saturday



The Gator defense was EXPOSED big time by Toledo.

This was the first game I watched on Saturday. Rockets running back Fluellen averaged over 5 yards a carry rushing.

brass lantern

Union came out swinging against Cumberlands.

I listened to the game via radio and there is no reason to hang your heads Bulldog fans. Union RB Leonard Dixon stepped up and a good game plan was executed early on. Cumberlands made better halftime adjustments and I would have hated to be a Patriot in their locker room at halftime.

Colonel Tillou Portrait

Nicholls State found an easy way to make $450,000!

Play Oregon in their home opener! This was the most interesting item to come out of the 5 minutes I watched the Notre “Overrated” Dame game.


Kentucky v. WKU

Western’s helmets remind me of a Dr. Pepper can. Early on Western is gaining far more yards than the Cats and Whitlow is not playing with any confidence. Let the countdown to Big Blue Madness begin.


Georgia v. Clemson….1 Word…