Tuesday Thoughts: Worst NBA logo changes

old rockets jersey detroit-pistons-late-90s-early-00s

Back in the 1990s, my era, several National Basketball Association teams decided it was time to upgrade their logos. By far the two worst logos changes belonged to the Detroit Pistons and the Houston Rockets. A complete abandonment from traditional colors from both teams and completely new designs for uniforms were the fad. However, it went over like green ketchup.

Detroit was known as bad boys wearing blue and red. A patriotic, made in America look, as the city is known for American made automobiles with engine pistons pumping. They became a greenish/blue team with a flaming horse logo. I understand the horse stands for horsepower, but the color changes made no sense. Thankfully the Pistons are back to the traditional red and blue.

The Houston Rockets take the last place trophy when it comes to best logo change. The Rockets went from a traditional yellow and red to a dark blue and a cartoon rocket. Nothing says professional basketball like a Looney Tune figure. It was a joke as these touch players with such as Charles Barkley wearing a cartoon on their uniform.

I hope the marketing companies that created these logos and thought it was a good idea took their large sums of money and closed up shop. I not the Lakers will soon become orange and pink with a surfer.

Tuesday Thoughts: XFL debuts in the NBA

heat nickname jersey

When this announcement hit that the Miami Heat would be wearing official uniforms with nicknames on the back, I know Vince McMahon was somewhere smiling! Tonight the defending NBA champions, Miami Heat, will be sporting nicknames on the back of their jerseys. Ray Allen decided to post in December a photo of his jersey with the nick name “J. Shuttlesworth” which is a character in the Spike Lee movie He Got Game. This will not be the one and only time the NBA uses these nickname jerseys as well, as other games are scheduled.


he hate me

When Vince McMahon used this idea in the early 2000s with his professional football league, XFL, the idea was laughed at. The nickname jerseys drew immediate attention as the first game featured a running back with the nickname HE HATE ME.

Now 10+ years later the idea is being used and embraced. I personally think it is tacky. I realize many fo these jerseys will be autographed and auctioned off for charities. I also realize replicas will be sold and bring in lots of money. I still think it is tacky.

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised that in a blow out game the 5 benchwarmers come onto the court wearing their jerseys and the cameraman happens to catch on the back “Your Local News Is Next.”