Monday Morning Quarterback for Veteran’s Day

Today’s edition of Monday Morning Quarterback is dedicated not to athletes or athletics, but to the men and women of our armed forces who have paid, or who are currently paying, the price today for the freedoms we have in this Country we call The United States of America.

I will single out one veteran in particular who served his Country.  His name was SSG Vernon Black.  I call him Dad.

Dad 2

Dad served his Country in Vietnam.  After his Tour of Duty, he continued his Service to our Country in places like Fort Jackson, South Carolina, Fort Hood, Texas, Hawaii and Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  While at Fort Sill, dad served time in Korea and was set to serve time in Germany until he became terminally ill with cancer in early 1982.  He officially passed away on Friday, July 9th, 1982, but had been sick a long time before that final day.  He was only 33 years old.  Way too early to leave this world, but God has a plan.

Though he is not here today, dad’s service paved the way for my brother, sister and myself to be able to afford college educations, which allowed us to experience things in life that we may have not been able to do otherwise.  Though me and my siblings were far from perfect, I would think that dad would have been proud of the way we turned out with our lives.  Even though my father was not the sports fan that I am, I believed he would have enjoyed listening to the show.  He would have loved the pro wrestling parts of the show, I can tell you that for sure!!  Thank you for your Service Dad.  I love you.

We owe a great debt of thanks to all of the people who put their lives on the line daily here and abroad to give us the freedoms that, sadly, many of us (including myself), take for granted. 

As with giving thanks, my Mother is very good about going up to people in uniform and thanking them for their service to our Country.  It doesn’t even have to be Veteran’s Day for her to provide that recognition on our Military men and women.  It is an everyday thing with my Mom.  We can learn a lot from our Mothers.  Thanks Mom.  I love you.

To all of the men and women in uniform who serve this Country here and abroad, The Steve Black Show has TWO WORDS FOR YOU………….THANK YOU!!!!!


Have a great week!!!


Monday Morning Quarterback for September 16 2013

Welcome to this week’s Monday Morning Quarterback.

USA Soccer to play in the 2014 World Cup.


With last week’s 2-0 victory over Mexico, the USA Soccer Team qualified for the 2014 World Cup to be played in Brazil next Summer.  This is the 7th straight World Cup that the USA Soccer team has qualified for the World Cup.

The current version of the USA Team may be the most talented and deep team ever in the history of USA Soccer.  Soccer in the USA may be at its most popular yet!!

How will the USA Soccer team do in next year’s World Cup?  Do I think they have enough talent to win the World Cup going up against the likes of Italy, Spain, England and the host country Brazil?  Well, maybe not, but that is why they play the games.

I do think that this may be the best chance USA Soccer has to do some damage in the World Cup?  With the right draw in Pool Play, they would have a great shot to make it to the knock out round of 16.  Once you get there, anything can happen.

What are your thoughts on USA’s chances in next year’s World Cup?  I would love to read your comments about the USA Team’s chances for 2014.

Check out this Thursday’s Steve Black Show.  This will be our biggest show to date.  Scheduled guests include Brain Milam of Channel 27 WKYT TV of Lexington, Kentucky.  As for fans of Mountain Football in the state of Kentucky, we will have both Coaches Wayne Mills of Bell County and Scott Russell of Knox Central as they get ready to face off in Barbourville. KY, this Friday night (September 20th).

scott russell     wayne mills bell county   brian milam

And as always…….Have a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!