Monday Morning Quarterback for September 30

Welcome to this week’s edition of Monday Morning Quarterback.  Here is what is on my mind for this week.

MLB Playoffs

Major League Baseball Logo

Well the regular season in Major League baseball has ended.  It is now time for the official Hunt of October!

National League

national league

The Playoffs in the National League are set.  Here are the match-ups.

Wild Card Game.

By virtue of Pittsburgh’s sweep of the Reds this weekend, the Pirates will host the Reds in the Wild Card Game Tuesday night in Pittsburgh.  The reward for the winner will be a trip to St Louis for a five game Divisional Championship Series.  This is Pittsburgh’s first trip to the playoffs since 1992 and people are excited in Pittsburgh.  The Reds are making their 3rd trip to the playoffs in the last 4 years, but have yet to win a playoff series since 1995.

Divisional Series

The LA Dodgers will travel to Atlanta for a best of 5 series with the Braves.

St. Louis gets the winner of Cincinnati and Pittsburgh for the other best of 5 series.


American League


American League are set as well.  Here are the match-ups.

Wild Card Game

Cleveland gets to host the Wild Card Game against the winner of Texas and Tampa Bay, which tied for the 2nd wild card spot.  That game will be played in Texas today, with the winner to go to Cleveland on Wednesday.  Whoever makes it out of the Wild Card Game will have to travel to Boston for a 5 game Divisional Series.

Divisional Series

In one Divisional Series, you will have the Detroit Tigers traveling to Oakland to take on the A’s in their 5 games series.

The other Divisional Series will have the survivor of the Wild Card Game traveling to Boston in a best of 5 series with the Red Sox.


Let the Hunt for October BEGIN!!!!


Have a great week!!

Monday Morning Quarterback for July 15th, 2013

Monday Morning Quarterback is a term used by many, so this is not an original title, but I am going to use it anyway for the title of my weekly sports happenings blog of the past week in sports.

Major League Baseball has entered it’s “Unofficial” half way point of the season with its All-Star Break.  This year’s All Star Game will take place at Citi Field in New York City, home of the New York Mets.  The winning team’s league will get home filed advantage during the World Series in October.

Major League Baseball Logo

If the season ended today, here would be the playoff teams from each League:

AL East Champ      Boston

AL Central Champ  Detroit

AL West Champ     Oakland

AL Wild Card          Tampa Bay and Texas

NL East Champ      Atlanta

NL Central Champ  St. Louis

NL West Champ     Arizona

NL Wild Card          Pittsburgh and Cincinnati

Of course, anything can happen in the final two and half months of the season.  Atlanta has the largest lead of any of the Division leaders with a 6 game lead over Washington.  Many other teams out there have the chance to get to the post season.  It should be great to watch as the regular season nears its end!!

Back on March 30th, I had my MLB Preview of the Steve Black Show with Matt Mahony, Scott Cummings and Donney Jackson.  Check out the broadcast and see how their playoff picks are stacking up so far.


Good Monday to you all!!!