Tuesday Thoughts: Lexington Legends new uniforms

old legends uniforms new legends uniforms

I dislike baseball. I played little league and am happy I did since it is an American tradition. However, I am glad I never went any further on the diamond.

About every other year I venture out to the ballpark and do so as cheaply as possible. Luckily in Kentucky we have the Lexington Legends. The organization is great with convenient parking, a nice stadium, and lots of promotions. I loved their old uniforms with the big L and the state outline at the bottom. The new logos are okay. I especially like the hat with LEX on it. However, I do not like the cartoonish mustache hat and I do not like the green color scheme. I think the Legends should keep with old fashion look with the classic colors and cursive looking font. This is a team marketing itself as a preserver of the national past time so playing to that is a great marketing idea.

I have been on a uniform kick lately…Check out the previous post below concerning the worst NBA uniforms.

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