Monday Morning Quarterback for September 9 2013

Fall from Grace!!!

If I was doing my show and writing this blog back in the late 1980’s, early 1990’s, I would probably be talking a lot about a certain player who led his high school basketball team to two state championship games in a row, winning one of them and down the line mentioning him as part of the resurrection of, regarded by most in this state, the best college basketball program of all time.  That person would be Richie Farmer.


We all know about his basketball career.  He is regarded as a hero to those in Clay County, winning a state championship back in the late 80’s for Clay County High School.  He was also a member of the University of Kentucky’s basketball team that was coming back from the probation that was levied on the program back in the early 90’s.  His last game at UK was that famous 1992 Regional Final game against Duke (I won’t go into detail of that game out of respect of my UK friends.  We all know what happened in that game).  He was a part of a group of players from Kentucky who were regarded as the genesis of what would later bring two more national championships to the Commonwealth in the late 90’s.

He went on to serve Kentucky again from 2004 thru 2011 as Kentucky’s Agricultural Commissioner, but things went wrong from there.  There were several abuses of power during his time in office, and he also went through a divorce.  Now it is reported that he will plead guilty to many of those abuses and it looks like he will have to serve jail time as a result.


Farmer’s jersey hangs from Rupp Arena along side others who were a large part of the great tradition at UK.  In light of his actions in office, should UK look to take that jersey down?  What are your thoughts on this matter?  Feel free to comment.

Have a great week!!!

How many versions of uniforms can we have?

oregon football uniforms

New uniforms have become a pop culture spectacle for college football. From futuristic to retro looks, these uniforms typically make a once a year appearance and are intended to generate fan excitement due to the uniqueness. The jerseys are then typically auctioned off to support either the college’s scholarship program or a charity. However, someone schools go for a entirely new identify through re-branding their logos and designs for the entire athletic department.

The reception of these uniforms is both hit and miss. Just ask Oregon, which usually has a completely new uniform design from shoes to helmet each game thanks to alumnus Phil Knight, Nike founder. But let’s look at a few other examples.

Black-Kentucky-Football-Uniforms kentucky grey uniforms

Kentucky in black uniforms…. horrible. Not one of their major colors. It’s kinda like the nerdy kid at school trying to look like an athlete just by wearing a jersey. Kentucky in the grey uniforms this year will look a lot better. The grey color is one of their traditional accent colors, plus the grey looks like a shade of coal dust.

NCAA Football: Miami at Maryland

Maryland tried to display their identity with a uniform similar to the state flag. It was a disaster.

army football uniform

Army though is one of only a few teams that could pull this off. Camo uniforms clearly state their identity and look tough as nails.

michigan uniforms

Michigan with a big M on the front…very cool. Classic and simple, a good mix of old school and new school.

For more uniform updates from across the nation check out the following Nike website:

What are your thoughts? Are you in favor or traditional uniforms or do you enjoy change? Let us know in the comments section.

For the NCAA elite programs, its all about the Dollar

How would your business like to have a revenue of $163 million? If you want to know what that feels like ask someone in the University of Texas athletic department. USA Today released the list of top school revenue athletic programs and the Longhorns were #1.


Not to be out done, the SEC had 5 programs in the top 10 with: Auburn, LSU, Texas A & M, Florida, and Alabama. Speaking of Alabama, they need the money since they spent nearly a million dollars on food alone for the national title game. You can  read more about the cost of winning a national title in style by clicking the Yahoo article below.


If your wondering about Kentucky? They were ranked #18, 1 spot ahead of Louisville, which isn’t bad for a basketball school. #BBN

13th Region Basketball for the 2013-2014 season (The WAY TOO EARLY Predictions)

It is WAY too early for high school basketball in the 13th Region, but school is almost over and Summer is around the corner.  Basketball season will be back before you know it.  With kids playing in AAU Leagues and gearing up for Summer ball, I wanted to get your thoughts on the WAY TOO EARLY favorites to take the 13th Region in 2014.

clay co

This includes both boys and girls teams.  Can Clay County (boys) and Corbin (girls) make return trips to STATE, or will another schools take their spot.  What say you??????  Leave your comments here…..

Corbin Hounds

Message board website for Kentucky high school sports fans

If you are looking for a website with message boards for the kentucky high school sports fan, then take a look at  Right now, the site is offering a free trial membership until August.  Check it out today!!


Spring is here!!!

Spring is HERE!!!  It is that time of the year in which most college football programs have concluded their Spring practices with their annual Spring Football Game.  According to published records, here are the top ten schools who had the most attended Spring game.


Auburn_Tigers31.  Auburn University:  83,401


alabama-logo2.  University of Alabama:  78,315


Tennessee_Volunteers53.  University of Tennessee:  61,706


Nebraska_Cornhuskers4.  University of Nebraska:  60,174


Arkansas-Razorback-Logo15.  University of Arkansas:  51,088


Kentucky_Wildcats26.  University of Kentucky:  50,831


texas-longhorns-logo7.  University of Texas:  46,000


TexasAMAggies8.  University of Texas A&M:  45,212


Georgia_Bulldogs19.  University of Georgia:  45,113


ohio-state-wp-210.  Ohio State University:  37,643**

**Game played in Cincinnati, Ohio