The Stud Corner-Marks Gone Wild!!

MARKS gone wild!!!

My Stud Nation, I have been very lax in my updates recently. I apologize but “Life” takes over at times. As most of you who listened to the Steve Black show know on October 31st, I paid tribute to my first Manager in the Business, Gentleman Jim Chadwick. His death has hit me very hard as well as those people who knew him and his family well.  Rest in Peace my friend!!

Jim_ChadwickJim Chadwick


I want to touch base on a subject that eats at my heart and soul. Its “MARKS” in the wrestling business. The definition of a MARK is someone who comes to shows and buys a ticket to see the show. They buy our pictures and t-shirts. If it ended there, then the Stud would be happy. The Issue is that about 75% of the wrestling federations in Ky allow the MARKS free reign. If a MARK can tell you who will win before the show starts, then they are too close to the business. If a MARK knows where the boys hang out after the show then they are too Close. If a Mark can tell you what the pay was for a worker, you got too close!!!

I see Marks all the time in the ring after a show playing around. That ring is sacred ground to me!! It is where I work. Do you see people going to the Circus and then after the show is over, go down to the lions cage and get in to play with the lions or climb in the cannon to check it out?  HELL NO!!! Let me offer a piece of advice to those Fans/Marks who do not know proper protocal. When the show is over, please get the HELL out of the Building. Do not hang out in the parking lot after the show waiting to see me and/or the other workers. I have cussed many a fan out and came close to physical contact, if a fan ask me where im eating or whats my email??

I dare any one of you to go to a WWE show and try to get in the dressing room. I dare any of you to try to follow a WWE Superstar to a Dennys or Waffle House and try to talk to them. We do our shows and we have lives outside of the building. Please do not come over as I’m eating with my wife to talk to me about the show unless its to say, “Great show tonight I will be back next week”.

I’m over idiot fans who pay $8 and expect me to be their slave for three hours,and then intrude on my personal time!!

Your’re WELCOME!!!!!