Monday Morning Quarterback for October 14th

Welcome to this week’s Monday Morning Quarterback.


You may have heard about what happened with governing body of high school sports in the state of Kentucky (KHSAA) this past week with its directive on post game handshakes.  The KHSAA backed off on the wording of their communication to say that they (KHSAA) would not be responsible for any incidents that happen during the post game handshake.  If you are not familiar with the issue, check out the following article from

We discussed this topic with guest Jeff Canady, Athletic Director of Knox County Schools on our October 10th show.  Listen to what he had to say.

Why have such a directive?  The reasoning was that there have a few incidents during postgame handshakes over the last few years in which fights have occurred.    If you look at the number of fights that break out after games and compare it to the number of games that have been played across the county, that percentage is going to be very small.  Of course, we don’t remember the times that sportsmanship was practiced after a game.  We will remember the one time something bad happens.


The KHSAA states that if teams decide to have a post game handshake and if an incident occurs, that the responsibility goes to the schools, not the game officials.  I agree to where the responsibility lies, but I think it goes deeper than that.  Not only do the schools need to be responsible, but EVERYONE associated with the schools need to share in that responsibility.  This includes the people who support the teams and most of all, the PARENTS!!!

If you go to a ball game, what do you see?  You will see fans (most of them parents) act like children when comes to the play on the field.  Who normally gets the brunt of their distain?  Game Officials.  When kids see some parents act like they do at games, especially with game officials, why should we be surprised when some kids act the way they do after games.

I could go on forever on this topic, but what do you say about the topic?  Leave your comments here.

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