For the NCAA elite programs, its all about the Dollar

How would your business like to have a revenue of $163 million? If you want to know what that feels like ask someone in the University of Texas athletic department. USA Today released the list of top school revenue athletic programs and the Longhorns were #1.


Not to be out done, the SEC had 5 programs in the top 10 with: Auburn, LSU, Texas A & M, Florida, and Alabama. Speaking of Alabama, they need the money since they spent nearly a million dollars on food alone for the national title game. You can  read more about the cost of winning a national title in style by clicking the Yahoo article below.


If your wondering about Kentucky? They were ranked #18, 1 spot ahead of Louisville, which isn’t bad for a basketball school. #BBN

A Special Steve Black Show “Thank You”

On behalf of the Steve Black Show, I would like to take this time to give a special Steve Black Show “Thank You” to H&R Block and State Farm Agent Jeffrey Branum on becoming the first corporate partners of the Steve Black Show.  We hope this becomes a long time partnership!!  We will be adding a Corporate Partner page on this site very soon.


Of course, we hope that this is just the begining as we look to add more partners for our show.  If you are a business looking to partner with our show, I would love to talk to you.  Please feel free to post a reply on this article with contact information or email me at and I can contact you with the business plan for our show.