A Similar Path? Brad Stevens and Rick Pitino


The Celtics have been down this path before. In the mid 1990s the franchise hired former Kentucky coach Rick Pitino, fresh off back to back NCAA national title game appearances, winning one in 1996.


Brad Stevens was born in Indianapolis. His only coaching experience has been as assistant and head coach of the Butler Bulldogs. His Mother was even a professor at Butler. He helped this mid-major make back-to- back NCAA national title game appearances.  Why leave?

stevens butler

Now he faces the challenge is winning a NBA championship for a franchise that already has 17 NBA championships in their trophy case.  It’s a difficult task, just ask Pitino. Gone are late night curfews, team violations result in fines instead of team dismissals, and practice….to quote Allen Iverson “we’re sitting here talking about practice, not a game.”

Best of Luck Brad!