Tuesday Thoughts: Which location would you like to see develop a bowl?

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Recently, on the radio show we discussed which location should develop a bowl game. Here are some of the responses.

Puerto Rico: A true tropical destination that is unique and helps a struggling economy. They have a national soccer stadium which was renovated in 2012 that holds 22,000.

Mexico City: The NFL has played games here before, as recently as the year 2005. International series American football games can draw attention. Just look at London England.

Cincinnati: Home of the Bengals is Paul Brown Stadium. It is also one of the few professional venues not to host a bowl game.

Daytona: My pick as a future destination for a bowl game. The Bristol Motor Speedway will host Virginia Tech and Tennessee in college football action in 2016. If all goes well Daytona would be a premier destination to put a good ACC v. SEC bowl game.