Tuesday Thoughts : Tampa Bay Bucs NEW uniforms

tampa bay bucs olf tampa bay bucs logo

I am a lifelong Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan! My Great Grandfather lived outside of Tampa and I grew up with a stuffed orange pirate in my bedroom. I also lived outside of Tampa for a year and a half. My wife and I attended a draft party at Raymond James stadium while we were down there. I was very excited in the 1990s when they updated their uniforms. I personally think they are the best uniforms in the NFL! Why change them?

new bucs uniform

Just recently the Bucs organization unveiled their new uniforms that they spent two years designing. 2 years……2 years. As you can see, what they came up with could have been created by a teenager on their x-box in 15 minutes. Needless to say, I dislike the new uniforms. What are your thoughts?

Tuesday Thoughts : Cincinnati Rockers football

cincinnati rockers

You may remember the Lexington Horsemen arena football team but do you recall the Cincinnati Rockers? I do because my Father took me to one of their games. Back then, the early 90s, arena football was labeled as the 50 yard indoor war. The game itself was interesting to watch and former Kentucky football head coach Fran Curci was the Rockers head coach.

Plus it was also a great that I was a teenager and it was bikini night so women who wore bikinis got in at a discounted priced. Our seats happened to be in a bikini section too. Basically, it was a bunch of drunk girls and their even more drunk boyfriends. From what I have been told this scene is similar to Bengals games.  Despite these desperate promotional efforts the Rockers disappeared after two season.

Tuesday Thoughts : Old School Video Games remain the best

tecmo bowl nfl blitz

The football game, Madden, is a juggernaut of a video game franchise. Being on the cover has become a pop culture Heisman trophy. College dorms crown residence hall champions, fundraiser tournaments draw big money as everyone thinks they are the best and take pride in this competition. I think the game is awesome with its game play and realistic features.

Nevertheless, Tecmo Bowl and Blitz remain the best football video games ever made. Nothing beats these legendary titles.

Tecmo Bowl can be defined by one team…the Raiders. All a player had to do was hand off to Bo Jackson and you knew you would score. Bo never got fatigued and you only had 4 plays to call and 2 of them were hands off to him. Bo knows Video Game Dominance!

Blitz was the rule breaking, mean, and nasty game that thought outside the box. In Blitz a player could body slam opponents and hit late after a player goes out of bounds. It was all testosterone.

Who needs a PS4 or Xbox One when all you need is an old school Nintendo or N64?

Monday Morning Quarterback for February 3rd

Last Saturday, the National Football League announced its current Hall of Fame Class.  Among the class, one player sticks out in my mind more than anyone else on the list.  That player is former Oakland Raider Punter Ray Guy.


When I starting following football as a kid, my favorite team was the Oakland Raiders. They had great players.  One of my favorites was QB Kenny “The Snake” Stabler.  I am left handed, like Stabler, and I used try to be like him when I played football with my friends.  Other great players included Kenny King, Cliff Branch, Dave Casper, Mark VanEagen, just to name a few.

Then there was punter Ray Guy.  The kicking game was not like what is today, so specialized.  Guy was the first of his kind.  Great yardage on his kicks, placing the ball inside the 20 yard line of the other team and one of the greatest hang times a punter every had, which allowed the Raiders to have great coverage on their punts.  The Raiders were a great team in the 70’s and early 80’s and Guy was a big part of that success.

Ray Guy had a great career, but at the time, a kicker, let alone a pure punter, was never considered for the Hall of Fame.  Several decades past and still punter was elected to the Hall of Fame.  All I have to say that it is about time that a pure punter is a Hall of Famer and that Ray Guy was the first.

Have a Great Week!!

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Tuesday Thoughts: NFL in London, England is a bad idea

nfl europe

Does anyone remember NFL Europe? Probably not. If you do it’s probably because your favorite player couldn’t make it in the regular NFL, but you still followed their career. This made me ponder the questions as to why the NFL is considering putting a team in London, England.

Much discussion has occurred concerning the NFL success overseas leading to the development for a regular team overseas in London. The NFL has played some international regular season games in Wembley Stadium in recent memory. Why is the NFL so desperate to tap into a market saturated in soccer? The cost of travel is a budgeting nightmare and converting salaries constantly from pounds to dollars and back is a human resources nightmare. This makes no sense from a player personnel point of view.

So to the NFL……do not place a team in London, England!


Structural Flaws: NFL’s Third Challenge For Head Coaches

In Structural Flaws, I will discuss a particular rule or organizational structure in sports and explain why I agree or disagree with the issue. In this edition…the NFL’s third challenge for head coaches.


The NFL’s replay system has tremendously improved the game by allowing for incorrect calls to be overturned if video evidence clearly shows that the call was wrong. With so many moving parts and with human officials trying to watch every player on every play, there are going to be mistakes. The replay system does a great job of correcting missed calls, which is good for all parties involved.

The challenge system is the method by which coaches can instigate a review. Each head coach gets two challenges per game. If any challenge is successful, the call is overturned and the team issuing the challenge does not lose a time out. If any challenge is unsuccessful, the call stands and the team issuing the challenge loses a time out. If any team is successful on its first two challenges, the team receives a third challenge which they can use in the same manner as the first two. A team can only issue a challenge if they have at least one time out remaining in the half. All plays in the final two minutes of each half and overtime are not subject to coaches’ challenges. Instead, decisions regarding whether any of these plays should be reviewed by the referee are determined by replay officials. All scoring plays and turnovers are also not subject to coaches’ challenges, as these plays are automatically reviewed by the replay officials, who will let the referee know if the play does indeed need to be officially reviewed.

This system does a good job of correcting mistakes. An argument could definitely be made for scrapping the challenge system altogether and replacing it with the system used in the last two minutes of each half and overtime, but for now I will focus on the challenge system as it currently exists. There is one particular part of the challenge system that I really disagree with, that being the rewarding of a third challenge to any team that wins their first two challenges.

I do not believe a team should be rewarded a third challenge simply because they won their first two. I do not think it is not a skill to win two challenges, and therefore, it should not be rewarded with an extra one. Most of the time when a team issues a challenge, they are not necessarily confident that they are going to win the challenge. Sometimes the game situation just calls for a challenge to be made. For example, if a team gives up a big play that has a major detrimental impact on their chances to win the game, that team would practically be compelled to challenge the play if there is any question that the call might not be correct. The result of this replay should have no bearing on whether or not this team should receive another challenge.

Challenges are usually issued because there is a CHANCE they could be overturned and help your team, not because the team has exhibited some great skill and therefore has proven itself worthy of having more opportunities to do so again later in the game.

I suppose the argument could be made that if a team has had two bad calls go against them, and those calls have been overturned, then they deserve to get more chances because it is not their fault the officials messed up. My argument to that is that such a system discourages teams from challenging calls unless they are almost certain they will win the challenge. I contend that teams should be able to challenge questionable plays without the fear that losing a challenge could result in them not getting an extra one later. It is already risky enough that a team would lose a time out if a challenge fails. There should not be an extra risk of losing another opportunity to challenge simply because one or both of their two original challenges could not be overturned.

Another point to be made is that sometimes the video evidence isn’t strong enough to overturn a call even if the call on the field was incorrect. A coach might issue a challenge and be absolutely right, but if the camera wasn’t in the right spot, he could lose the challenge because the evidence cannot be physically seen on the replay. That is not the coach’s fault. The penalty of losing a time out should be enough. He should not be forced to lose an opportunity to issue an extra challenge later because of this.

So I believe that each team should get either two or three challenges per game (I don’t really have a preference), and no extra challenges should be awarded based upon the results from previous challenges.

What do you think?

Monday Morning Quarterback for January 13th


After a 16 year run, the NCAA Football Bowl Championship Series (BCS) has come to an end.  There were many opinions as to whether the BCS got it right or not.  I believe for the most part, they got it right.  In saying that, I do believe that It is time for the BCS to go.  I am looking forward to the playoff format that will begin next season.  I will tell you one thing, I think most will agree that the BCS went out with a BANG!!!  Maybe the best overall set of BCS games in its history.  Here is a recap.

The Rose Bowl Game Presented by VIZIO

rose bowl vizio

The game featured the Champions of the PAC 12 and the BIG 10 (#4 Stanford vs. #5 Michigan State.  This was a very tough, close game throughout.  With Stanford down 24-20 and driving late in the contest facing a fourth and 1. It was Kyler Elsworth, who stuffed Stanford fullback Ryan Hewitt on that fourth and-1 play with 1:34 left and the ball at Stanford’s 34-yard line to preserve the win for the Spartans.  Nice game to begin the last BCS.

The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

This game featured the Champions of the BIG 12 and the American Athletic Conference (#6 Baylor vs. #15 UCF).  UCF started out with a 14 point lead, but Baylor cut the lead to 14-13.  It became a scoring fest as both teams combining for over 1,000 yards of total offense, but behind a great performance from UCF’s Quarterback Blake Bortles, the Knights prevailed 52-42.  This was the second win in a row in the BCS for the AAC (Formerly he Big East), to finish out the BCS era.

The All State Sugar Bowl


This was a match up of two traditional college football powers (#3 Alabama vs. #11 Oklahoma).  Just four plays into the ballgame, Alabama had a 7-0 lead and most people were thinking a Bama blowout, but with Oklahoma taking advantage of three Bama turnovers, went into the half with a 34-17 halftime lead.  Both teams exchanged touchdowns in the second half resulting in a 45-31 Sooner victory.  This game saw the emergence of two future college superstars:  Alabama’s freshman running back Derrick Henry (8 carries for 100 yards and 2 touchdown-one on a 61 yard reception) and Oklahoma’s Redshirt Freshman Trevor Knight (32/44 passing for 348 yards with 4 touchdowns and 1 interception).  Alabama’s AJ McCarron finished a great college career going 19/30 passing, with 387 yards; 2 touchdowns and two picks.  It was not the ending he wanted, but McCarron finishes a great career that saw him getting three National Championship Rings for the Crimson Tide.  Being a life long Sooner fan, I personally enjoyed this win.  I am definitely looking forward to next season for Boomer Sooner!!!

The Fed Ex Orange Bowl


This game featured two at large programs (#7 Ohio State vs. #12 Clemson).  The game was another back and forth contest, but it was a late touchdown from Clemson’s Taj Boyd to Sammy Watkins, plus a Clemson interception of Ohio State’s Braxton Miller on the following drive to seal a 40-35 Tiger victory.  This was the second loss in a roll for the Buckeyes after winning their first 24 games in the two year Urban Myer era.

VIZIO National Championship Game at the Rose Bowl Stadium

bcs championship

This was a match up between the only unbeaten teams in college football.  (ACC Champ and #1 Florida State vs. SEC Champ and #2 Auburn).  It looked like Auburn was going to make it 8 in a row for the Mighty SEC, as they powered their way to a 21-3 late first half lead.  Florida St, on the strength of a fake punt on a forth and one play, managed to score a touchdown late to cut the lead to 21-10 at the half.  FSU managed only a field goal in the 3rd quarter to cut the Tiger lead to 21-13, but the scoring picked up for both teams in the pivotal 4th quarter.  FSU outscored Auburn 21-10 in the forth with both teams exchanging touchdowns late in the contest.  Tre Mason’s 37 yard touchdown run with 1:19 left put Auburn on top 31-27.  FSU followed that score with a 1 yard touchdown pass from Heisman winner Jameis Winston to Kelvin Benjamin with 13 seconds remaining to seal the Championship for the Seminloes.  The Championship was the second for FSU in the BCS era, preventing Auburn from getting their 2nd title in the last four years.

crystal football

Well the final BCS has come to an end.  As for BCS games go, 2014 was probably the best BCS season ever.  All games were exciting to watch, as most of the games came down to the last minutes of the game before a winner was determined.  All of these schools were winners and deserved to be there, but if you are keeping score at home, here are the final conference records in the 2014 BCS:  ACC was 2-0, AAC was 1-0, BIG 12 and BIG 12 were 1-1, PAC 12 was 0-1 and the SEC was 0-2.

To some, it was a fitting end to the SEC dominance over the last 7 years, but no one can deny that the SEC was the true winner during the BCS era.  The SEC scored 9 National Champions during the BCS era (Bama (3), LSU and Florida (2 each), Auburn and Tennessee (1 each).  The other five conferences combined for 8 Championships (ACC and BIG 12 with 2 a piece (FSU with 2, Oklahoma and Texas with 1 each); (BIG East/AAC, BIG 10 and PAC 12 with 1 a piece (Miami, Ohio State and Southern California*).

*USC’s title in 2005 was vacated due to NCAA Sanctions.

As for the stipulation for Notre Dame and Non Qualifying Conferences in the BCS, that stipulation never really emerged with Notre Dame as the only school outside of the Big Six Conferences to make it to a National Title Game, getting blown out by Alabama in last year’s Title Game.

The Non-Qualifying Conferences did send teams to the BCS with decent results.  Boise State and Utah both went 2-0 in their only BCS appearances, TCU went 1-1 and Hawaii and Northern Illinois lost in their only BCS appearance.  Notre Dame went 0-3 in their only other BCS appearances outside of last year’s title game.

I am definitely looking forward to what the new 4 team playoff system has to offer next season.  Late August will be here quicker than what you think.

Have a great week!!!!

Tuesday Thoughts: Predicting the future of NCAA Football 2014

Let me look into the crystal ball and forecast the future of NCAA football in the year 2014!

ucla helmet

Trending Upward:  UCLA

Jim Mora has done an excellent job as head coach of the Bruins in his first two seasons. He finished 9-5 in year one and 10-3 this past season. The year before he took over the Bruins finished 6-8….yes you read that correctly…6-8. He is 2-0 in the battle for the victory bell over rival USC. The year before he arrived on campus the Bruins lost to the Trojans by the score of 50 to zero.

The Bruins defense put Virginia Tech on lock down in the Sun Bowl. Junior quarterback Brett Hundley will return and already has the attention of NFL scouts. I look for UCLA to win the Pacific-12 next season and be in the four team national championship playoff.


louisville beef o brady

Trending downward: Louisville

Louisville loses both, Junior Teddy Bridgewater to the NFL and coach Charlie Strong to Texas. I was not surprised to hear of Bridgewater leaving as his numbers were sure to be far less in the ACC next season as compared to playing in the “fake big east” this season. However, I was surprised that Strong left for Austin. Louisville is a great college athletic program and a great city. With the program moving to a tougher conference in which the Cards can eventually compete in and thus make a legitimate case for the national title playoffs, I thought Strong would stay in The Ville. If Louisville finishes 6-6 next season I would consider it a good season.

Frank Beamer

On the Hot Seat…..

With the “resigning” of Mack Brown from Texas this season and the “resigning” of Bobby Bowden from Florida State after two national titles, the landscape of NCAA football coaches shows no regard for tenure and accomplishments. The same holds true for newer coaches such as Auburn’s former head coach Gene Chizik, who has fired 2 seasons after leading the Tigers to the national championship. In other words, no coach is safe.

Even though he is the winningest coach currently in college football, as well as, the longest tenured coach, Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech will be on the hot seat next season.

In 2012 the Hokies were 7-6 and finished 8-5 in 2013. Television commentators have made comments about the lack of talent on the sideline in Blacksburg. People are noticing the decline to top recruiting prospects signing with the Hokies.  A third season of not living up to the standard Beamer created with 7 conference championships, 13 ten plus win seasons, and 8 BCS caliber bowl appearances may cost him his job.

trevor knight

And the Heisman goes to…..

Trevor Knight of Oklahoma smoked the Alabama secondary in the Sugar Bowl. Most critics said Oklahoma would not win due to Nick Saban having time to prepare the Tide. That did not affect Knight who tossed 4 touchdowns passes. He has experience as a starter in a stellar conference, so I look for 2014 to be the year of the Crimson and Cream Knight!!