About the Show

The Steve Black Show began in early August 2012, running 30 minutes in length, airing live, and features commentary, interviews, and debated opinions. Special features include game of the week predictions, Tri-County rankings for the week, and The Shot Clock, a paneled questions and answer session where the responders only has a certain time to state their answer or retort.

The Steve Black Show season begins in August, the week before high school football kicks off and concludes at the end March with the NCAA Tournament, KHSAA Sweet 16 basketball tournament, and start of baseball season. For Season 2 inĀ  2013 the show is going premium with Blog Talk Radio and will be extended to 1 hour in length. As well, the show will start with a new time slot of Thursday evening at 7pm. This time and date is set as most high school football and basketball games are held Friday evening. The additional air time allows for call in segments from listeners, lengthens the air time for guest interviews, and allow discussions to become more in-depth and detailed. The extra air time also allows the program to branch out into supporting area charities and fundraiser events, such as 5K races, church leagues sports, and golf scrambles.

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