2 Dudes and a Podcast: A Friday Night Conversation (6/6/14)

Happy Friday.  As you end your work week, why don’t you get your weekend started with a conversation.


Steve Black of the Steve Black Show and Donney Jackson of “You Never Know” with Donney Jackson, come together for a brand new Summer show.  This new show features two friends who have nothing better to do on a Friday night than to have conversations about anything and everything.

Donney and Steve will talk about anything from sports to popular culture to politics to religion to music…..well, you get the point!!  You are also invited to call in and join us in the conversation.  Donney and Steve would love to have others call in and voice their opinions on the topics that are being discussed.

Our first show begins tonight from 9-11pm eastern.  You can listen live to the show at www.blogtalkradio.com/steveblackshow.  You can call into the show by dailing 646.716.7622.

We are 2 Dudes……

Jax     wedding pic

And we have a Podcast!  Join us won’t you!!

Encore Broadcast: 2 Dudes and a Podcast from 5-30-14

Great show. In the first hour, we had an awesome debate on the topic of guns. In the second hour, things got a liitle silly. Check out the On Demand Broadcast of 2 Dudes!!!!

Remember to join us live every Friday night from 9-11pm eastern for the show. You can join us too by calling 646.716.7622.

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Monday Morning Quarterback for June 2nd

I have been away from posting entries on my Monday morning blog for a while (my friend Phil Webb reminds me of that in Church every Sunday….hahaha), but I am back for the start of the Summer.  I hope you enjoy.

When people talk about their dream coaching job in college basketball, they will say Kentucky, Kanasa, Duke, Indiana, UCLA, etc.


You probably don’t hear the answer of Slippery Rock, Columbia, Montana St. and Western Michigan (no offense to any of these schools, but when I think college basketball, your schools do not come to my mind.

Check out an article from ESPN.com on a list of list than desirable schools to coach.  See if you agree with the writer of the article.  You are more than welcome to leave comments on this website.

Have a great week and tune in to my new podcast, “2 Dudes and a Podcast”, Friday’s from 9-11 pm eastern on BlogTalkRadio.com