Monday Morning Quarterback for 6-16-14

30 years is a long time for this soon to be 46 year old man.  According to Oklahoma State Football Coach Mike Gundy, I will soon be a man + 6.  For those who do not get the reference, can click here.


I was thinking of something that happened in February of 1984 recently and its possible impact on the pro wrestling industry.  Today, you have Daniel Bryan and John Cena, in the 90’s it was The Rock and Stone Cold, in the 80’s in was Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair.  All of these were great champions of the sport.  There could have been another name you could have added to this list of great champions if he had lived to finish his wrestling career.  That man’s name was David Von Erich.


David was probably to most overall talented member of the famous Von Erich family that wrestled out of Dallas, Texas.  Growing up in Lawton, Oklahoma (around 3 hours north of Dallas), I got to see the Von Erichs wrestle every week on TV and once a month live when they to visited Lawson (great times).

At that time, things were set up for Ric Flair to drop the NWA Championship Belt to David.  Von Erich and Flair had some great matches leading up to the time that David would become champion (around April of 1984).  Sadly, David never made it to April of that year.

During February of that year, David died while on a tour of Japan.  There are many theories behind David’s death.  Some of those theories are discussed In the documentary Heroes of World Class: The Story of the Von Erichs and The Triumph and Tragedy of World Class Championship Wrestling.  Check out the documentary sometime and see for yourself.

I often wonder if David hadn’t passed away, what would have been his legacy in the wrestling business.  Could his name have been mentioned along side the great wrestling champions that I mentioned earlier in this blog?  We will never know.

30 years.  Man how does time fly…..


Have a great week!!!


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