Monday Morning Quarterback March 31st

For the second year in a row, I have had to honor to take part in the 13th Media Basketball awards.  Here are the results for the 2013-2014 Season.


13th Region Media Awards
Player of the Year — Tyler ‘Chip’ McDaniel, Clay County
Coach of the Year — Tony Pietrowski, Corbin
Newcomer of the Year — Andrew Taylor, Corbin

First team (In order of most media voting points received)
Guard — Tyler ‘Chip’ McDaniel, Clay County
Guard — Jordan Fox, Jackson County
Forward — Zac Baxter, South Laurel
Guard — Matt Barger, Knox Central
Guard — Trey Farmer, Clay County

Second team (In order of most media voting points received)
Forward — Isaiah Collier, Jackson County
Guard — Peyton Broughton, North Laurel
Center — Chad Marsee, Knox Central
Guard — Kevin Goins, Corbin
Guard — Tyler Potter, Bell County

Third team (In order of most media voting points received)
Forward — Wes Wolfe, Clay County
Guard — Donnie Foister, Middlesboro
Guard — Corey Shelton, Williamsburg
Center — Jake Allen, Clay County
Guard — Jeffrey Adams, Knox Central

Honorable Mention (In order of most media voting points received)
Jared Grubb, South Laurel; Skyler Griffith, Williamsburg; Blake Smith, Clay County; Brent Perry, Barbourville; Trevor Browning, Corbin; Jake Patterson, Bell County; Andrew Griffith, Williamsburg; Dalton Sizemore, Williamsburg; Kenny Hopper, Corbin; Jason Mills, Barbourville; Dustin Hensley, Knox Central; Andrew Taylor, Corbin; Bryson Asher, North Laurel; Alexander Phipps, Barbourville, Zach Caldwell, Harlan County, Samuel Robinson, Oneida Baptist.

Player of the Year — Maci Morris, Bell County
Coach of the Year — Jason McDaniel, Corbin
Newcomer of the Year — Madison Shepherd, North Laurel

First team (In order of most media voting points received)
Forward — Maci Morris, Bell County
Guard — Miranda Wilson, Corbin
Guard — Brandi Smith, Whitley County
Guard — Kayla Wilson, Corbin
Guard — Jordan Brock, Harlan

Second team (In order of most media voting points received)
Center — Kandace Craig, Whitley County
Guard — Brooklyn Massingill, Harlan County
Forward — Sara Robinson, Clay County
Forward — Sarah Ashley, Corbin
Guard — Ajaycia Cotton, Clay County

Third team (In order of most media voting points received)
Guard — Blair Green, Middlesboro
Forward — Mariah Johnson, Whitley County
Center — Jessica May, Lynn Camp
Forward — Heather Wilson, Lynn Camp
(tie) Forward — Kara Erslan, Barbourville
(tie) Forward — Jourdan Ledford, Harlan

Honorable Mention (In order of most media voting points received)
Kayla Bruner, North Laurel; Morgan Garnett, Bell County; Jessica Sanders, Bell County; Kellie Roberts, Clay County; Courtney Woods, Clay County; Brittany Vandaventer, South Laurel; Bella Noe, Harlan County; Kaitlyn Stittums, Harlan County; Madison Shepherd, North Laurel; Emma Bianchi, Harlan; Merita Burke, Lynn Camp.

Congrats to everyone on their awards!! 

Have a Great Week!!

Monday Morning Quarterback for March 24th

With the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball tournaments in full swing and NCAA Football teams well into their Spring practices, one can think about all of the money these sports generate for their schools.  What about the Academic side of things?  These kids are Student-Athletes, correct?


I do not have to tell you about all of the stories in which academics take a back seat to athletics, but I found an article on the Daily Oklahoman Website on an upcoming HBO episode of Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel, which debuts at 9 p.m. Tuesday which discusses the never ending story of athletes and academics.  The article that I have sited, features experiences of four different athletes and how their degrees, or lack there of, has not helped them in their post graduate career.  Here is a description from the article on the show.


The segment, reported by Bernard Goldberg, investigates how decreased admission standards with higher graduation requirements led to many schools pushing players through with diplomas that did nothing to help them after their playing days were over.

Check out the article, and if you have HBO, check out the Real Sports episode this Tuesday.

Have a good week!

What’s on tap for tonight’s show.


More basketball is in the air on tonight’s show.  We have an interview with Lonzo Moore.  He was the Tournament Director for this year’s 13th Region Basketball Tournaments held at the Corbin Arena.  We will get his assessment of his experences as the Director.

Alot of the gang will be back to discuss the NCAA Basketball Tournaments as the Mens Tournament begins with a full schedule today.

Plus we will have the return of the Stud Corner.  Who knows what Steve “The Stud” Sexton will rant on this week!!

Catch it all LIVE at 7pm eastern on the Steve Black Show!!

Tuesday Thoughts: Lexington Legends new uniforms

old legends uniforms new legends uniforms

I dislike baseball. I played little league and am happy I did since it is an American tradition. However, I am glad I never went any further on the diamond.

About every other year I venture out to the ballpark and do so as cheaply as possible. Luckily in Kentucky we have the Lexington Legends. The organization is great with convenient parking, a nice stadium, and lots of promotions. I loved their old uniforms with the big L and the state outline at the bottom. The new logos are okay. I especially like the hat with LEX on it. However, I do not like the cartoonish mustache hat and I do not like the green color scheme. I think the Legends should keep with old fashion look with the classic colors and cursive looking font. This is a team marketing itself as a preserver of the national past time so playing to that is a great marketing idea.

I have been on a uniform kick lately…Check out the previous post below concerning the worst NBA uniforms.

NBA uniforms

Monday Morning Quarterback for March 17th

Top of the Mornin’ to ya!!!!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all!!!

Thoughts on the 13th Region Tourney for 2014……..

First off, it was nice to be back at the Arena in Corbin after a year away.  Harlan county did a great job as the host in 2013, but my money has always been with the Arena.  I am happy to say that for at least the next 2 years, the Arena will be the sight for the Regionals.


As for both the Boys and Girls, this year’s tourneys experienced a little bit of everything.  You saw the emergence of future stars like Freshmen Jordon Brock of Harlan.  She scores 20 points in the upset victory of Clay County in the semi-final round.  She even drained an NBA 3-point basketball during the championship loss to Corbin.  With her, along with fellow Frosh Emma Bianchi and with all but one player returning, Harlan should repeat as 13th region Class “A” Champs and content again for the overall Region Title. 

Another future star in the 13th Region has some bigh shoes to fill.


Trey Farmer, the son of Clay County Legend, University of Kentucky Unforgettable and soom to be incarerated for mis-approprating state funds while Agriculture Commish Richie Farmer had a great tourney for the Boys Champion Clay County.  In his first year for the Tigers, the Soph. garnered the MVP of the Tourney.  With Clay only losing one player on the whole roster, the boys from Manchester will be the favorite for a 3rd Regional title in a row and 30th all-time in 2014-2015. 

There were a share of disappointments in this year’s Regional.  On the Boys side, both Jackson County and Knox Central fell by the waste side in their first round contests.  These two teams where regarded as some of the best in the region.

On the Girls side, the disappointments went to Whitley County and Bell County.  These two schools were on a collision course to meet in the finals as the two best teams in the region.  Whitley County fell in the first round and Bell was not all that impressive in their semi-final round loss to eventual champion Corbin.

When all was siad and done, it was a repeat of the 2013 Regionals as the Lady Redhounds of Corbin and the Tigers of Clay County repeated as Region Champs.  Congrats to both schools.  Corbin’s season ended with a 79-70 loss to GRC in the State first round in Bowling Green last week.  Clay County takes on Covington Catholic in the first round of the Boys Tourney this Thursday night.

As for the Steve Black Show, we had a blast in covering the tourney this year.  We made the most of our media pass.  Much thanks to Jon North for the live chats on this website.  John Gatto came over and assisted during one night of the Tourney.  Much thanks to him as well.  I had a blast with the broadcasts of select games, including both the Boys and Girls Championship Games.  We hope to do it again next year.

My favorite part of the my time at the Arena this year………………………..



 Have a Great Week!!!!

No regular show tonight


After a long stay at the regional basketball tourneys in Corbin, KY, I am going to take a break from our regular show this week.

We will resume our regular schedule next Thursday (3/20/14) at 7pm eastern time with our NCAA Basketball Tourney Special.  Stay tuned for details.

As for tonight, I will be appearing as a guest on the Tri-County Spotlight Sports Hour on WKKQ FM Mix 96.1 out of Barbourville, KY.  You can listen to me with host Mike Green as we recap the 2014 13th Region Basketball Tourney.

If you cannot listen locally on Mix 96 FM, you can catch the live stream of the show on  The show begins tonight at 6pm eastern time.  Check it out!!

Until next week…….

2014 Boys 13th Region All Tourney Team/MVP/Champions


Here is the 2014 13th Region All Tourney Team.

Brently Perry          Barbourville

Isaiah Collier          Jackson County

Jeffrey Adams        Knox County

Major Edwards      Middlesboro

Tyler Potter             Bell County

Jake Patterson      Bell County

Andrew Griffith       Williamsburg

Corey Shelton        Williamsburg

Andrew Taylor        Corbin

Kevin Goins            Corbin

Kenny Hooper         Corbin

Blake Smith            Clay County

Wes Wolfe               Clay County

Jake Allen               Clay County

Tyler McDaniel       Clay County

Tourney MVP         Trey Farmer      Corbin

Champions             Clay County

Tuesday Thoughts : Tampa Bay Bucs NEW uniforms

tampa bay bucs olf tampa bay bucs logo

I am a lifelong Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan! My Great Grandfather lived outside of Tampa and I grew up with a stuffed orange pirate in my bedroom. I also lived outside of Tampa for a year and a half. My wife and I attended a draft party at Raymond James stadium while we were down there. I was very excited in the 1990s when they updated their uniforms. I personally think they are the best uniforms in the NFL! Why change them?

new bucs uniform

Just recently the Bucs organization unveiled their new uniforms that they spent two years designing. 2 years……2 years. As you can see, what they came up with could have been created by a teenager on their x-box in 15 minutes. Needless to say, I dislike the new uniforms. What are your thoughts?