Tuesday Thoughts: Worst NBA logo changes

old rockets jersey detroit-pistons-late-90s-early-00s

Back in the 1990s, my era, several National Basketball Association teams decided it was time to upgrade their logos. By far the two worst logos changes belonged to the Detroit Pistons and the Houston Rockets. A complete abandonment from traditional colors from both teams and completely new designs for uniforms were the fad. However, it went over like green ketchup.

Detroit was known as bad boys wearing blue and red. A patriotic, made in America look, as the city is known for American made automobiles with engine pistons pumping. They became a greenish/blue team with a flaming horse logo. I understand the horse stands for horsepower, but the color changes made no sense. Thankfully the Pistons are back to the traditional red and blue.

The Houston Rockets take the last place trophy when it comes to best logo change. The Rockets went from a traditional yellow and red to a dark blue and a cartoon rocket. Nothing says professional basketball like a Looney Tune figure. It was a joke as these touch players with such as Charles Barkley wearing a cartoon on their uniform.

I hope the marketing companies that created these logos and thought it was a good idea took their large sums of money and closed up shop. I not the Lakers will soon become orange and pink with a surfer.

Tuesday Thoughts : Old School Video Games remain the best

tecmo bowl nfl blitz

The football game, Madden, is a juggernaut of a video game franchise. Being on the cover has become a pop culture Heisman trophy. College dorms crown residence hall champions, fundraiser tournaments draw big money as everyone thinks they are the best and take pride in this competition. I think the game is awesome with its game play and realistic features.

Nevertheless, Tecmo Bowl and Blitz remain the best football video games ever made. Nothing beats these legendary titles.

Tecmo Bowl can be defined by one team…the Raiders. All a player had to do was hand off to Bo Jackson and you knew you would score. Bo never got fatigued and you only had 4 plays to call and 2 of them were hands off to him. Bo knows Video Game Dominance!

Blitz was the rule breaking, mean, and nasty game that thought outside the box. In Blitz a player could body slam opponents and hit late after a player goes out of bounds. It was all testosterone.

Who needs a PS4 or Xbox One when all you need is an old school Nintendo or N64?

Monday Morning Quarterback for February 17th

Remember this car?


The Late Great Dale Earnhardt and the Number 3 car.  Daytona was the setting of great success for Dale, including winning the 1998 Daytona 500.  Of course, it was on the same track that Earnhardt lost his life in Turn 4 of the last lap of the 2001 Race.  You would think that the Number 3 Car would never be out on the track again in competition.  That will change this year when Austin Dillon, the grandson of Richard Childress who owes the Number 3, will race full time in the Sprint Cup Series.


So what does Austin do in Daytona Qualifying yesterday?  He puts the Number 3 on the Pole for this Sunday’s Great American Race.  The last time the Number 3 was on the Pole was in 1996.  Not bad for a first time qualifying effort at Daytona for Dillon.

I have a feeling many old school NASCAR fans would love to see the Number 3 car in victory lane on Sunday.  Coming from a Jeff Gordon fan myself, if Super G can’t win it, I would love to see Dillon take the checkers this Sunday.

Have a great SpeedWeeks!!!

What is on tap for tonight’s show.

NBA: NOV 16 Pistons v Lakers

Tonight, we have Anthony Watkins of WB Varsity and John Stepp of Inside Tri-County Sports on discussing their thoughts on the current state of the 13th Region (KY) as we near post season play.


And as always, we will go around campus, have a shot discussion and more of the Stud Corner.

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Tuesday Thoughts: Hockey in Kentucky

lexington hockey

Does anyone remember the Throroughblades that played in Rupp Arena? I do because I went to a few games. It was a lot of fun as this sport is very unique to the area. It was a rare chance to see hockey….and hockey fights. The blades went under in the early 2000s. They were quickly replaced by a team called the Men O War, which lasted an even shorter amount of time. I doubt hockey will return to Kentucky anytime in the near future. It was fun while it lasted though…

Monday Morning Quarterback for February 10th

Team on a hot streak.


The Union College Men’s Basketball team under 2nd year Coach Kevin Burton are poised to claim a spot in the NAIA Div II National Tourney in Branson, MO, here in a few weeks.

Here are the current AAC Standings (as of 2/9/14).

Union  14-1

Reinhardt  9-4

Tennessee Wesleyan  10-5

Bryan  9-5

Milligan  9-6

Virginia Intermont  7-8

Montreat  6-9

Point  4-11

Truett-McConnell  3-12

St. Andrews  2-12

Union has won 13 games in a row, they are 23-3 on the season.  In fact, the Bulldogs have not lost a game in 2014.  Union has clinch at least a tie for the conference title.  One more Union win or Reinhardt loss and Union clinches the title outright and an automatic berth in then National Tourney.

Local fans have only one more chance to see this team in action this season (Wednesday, February 19th, at 7:30pm).  Come check them out live, or listen to all of the action at www.ucbulldogs.com with the Voice of the Bulldogs Jon North.



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gover floral co

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What’s on tap for tonight’s show

NBA: NOV 16 Pistons v Lakers


Tonight we take a look at what is happening around the 13th Region with Les Dixon, plus we talk with Knox Central Panther’s Girls Basketball Coach Darrin Mills.

And as always, we go around campus, discuss sport’s items with the crew and we will have a new Stud Corner.

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Tuesday Thoughts : The Super Bowl……End It

end it movement

The Super Bowl was Sunday and the biggest story not getting attention is that of human trafficking. This is relevant as the super bowl weekend is the biggest weekend of human trafficking in the United States. To learn more visit the link below and END IT!