Tuesday Thoughts: NFL in London, England is a bad idea

nfl europe

Does anyone remember NFL Europe? Probably not. If you do it’s probably because your favorite player couldn’t make it in the regular NFL, but you still followed their career. This made me ponder the questions as to why the NFL is considering putting a team in London, England.

Much discussion has occurred concerning the NFL success overseas leading to the development for a regular team overseas in London. The NFL has played some international regular season games in Wembley Stadium in recent memory. Why is the NFL so desperate to tap into a market saturated in soccer? The cost of travel is a budgeting nightmare and converting salaries constantly from pounds to dollars and back is a human resources nightmare. This makes no sense from a player personnel point of view.

So to the NFL……do not place a team in London, England!


Monday Morning Quarterback for January 27th

 The NFL is still the MOST POPULAR SPORT 30 years running……


Every year since 1985, the Harris Poll has conducted its annual Most Popular Sport Survey.  Here are the results of the current 2014 Poll:

NFL                            35%

MLB                           14%

College Football        11%

Auto Racing                 7%

NBA                             6%

NHL                             5%

College Basketball      3%

Interesting points about this Poll since it began in 1985……

  • The NFL has been voted the most popular sport every year of the Harris Poll (30 years in a row).
  • MLB was second in 1985 as well (24 vs. 23 percent) to the NFL.
  • The NFL remains the popular, despite the negative backlash due to safety in the sport.
  • Even though it finished second, MLB continues to lose ground on the NFL.
  • You would think that College Football and Basketball would be more popular than the results from this year’s Poll suggests.

What are your thoughts on the Harris Poll?  Leave your comments here.


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What’s on tap for tonight’s Steve Black Show

NBA: NOV 16 Pistons v Lakers

More basketball on tap on tonight’s show.  I will interview both the Men’s and Women’s Coaches of the Union College (KY) Bulldogs, Kevin Burton and Tim Curry.

burton           curry

Both teams are currently at the top in their conference standing.  We will discuss what it will take to stay at the top in the very tough NAIA Division II AAC Conference.

We will also have our regular segments with our regular guests.  Join us at www.blogtalkradio.com for tonight’s show.  It will be LIVE at 7pm eastern.

Tuesday Thoughts: XFL debuts in the NBA

heat nickname jersey

When this announcement hit that the Miami Heat would be wearing official uniforms with nicknames on the back, I know Vince McMahon was somewhere smiling! Tonight the defending NBA champions, Miami Heat, will be sporting nicknames on the back of their jerseys. Ray Allen decided to post in December a photo of his jersey with the nick name “J. Shuttlesworth” which is a character in the Spike Lee movie He Got Game. This will not be the one and only time the NBA uses these nickname jerseys as well, as other games are scheduled.


he hate me

When Vince McMahon used this idea in the early 2000s with his professional football league, XFL, the idea was laughed at. The nickname jerseys drew immediate attention as the first game featured a running back with the nickname HE HATE ME.

Now 10+ years later the idea is being used and embraced. I personally think it is tacky. I realize many fo these jerseys will be autographed and auctioned off for charities. I also realize replicas will be sold and bring in lots of money. I still think it is tacky.

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised that in a blow out game the 5 benchwarmers come onto the court wearing their jerseys and the cameraman happens to catch on the back “Your Local News Is Next.”

Structural Flaws: NFL’s Third Challenge For Head Coaches

In Structural Flaws, I will discuss a particular rule or organizational structure in sports and explain why I agree or disagree with the issue. In this edition…the NFL’s third challenge for head coaches.


The NFL’s replay system has tremendously improved the game by allowing for incorrect calls to be overturned if video evidence clearly shows that the call was wrong. With so many moving parts and with human officials trying to watch every player on every play, there are going to be mistakes. The replay system does a great job of correcting missed calls, which is good for all parties involved.

The challenge system is the method by which coaches can instigate a review. Each head coach gets two challenges per game. If any challenge is successful, the call is overturned and the team issuing the challenge does not lose a time out. If any challenge is unsuccessful, the call stands and the team issuing the challenge loses a time out. If any team is successful on its first two challenges, the team receives a third challenge which they can use in the same manner as the first two. A team can only issue a challenge if they have at least one time out remaining in the half. All plays in the final two minutes of each half and overtime are not subject to coaches’ challenges. Instead, decisions regarding whether any of these plays should be reviewed by the referee are determined by replay officials. All scoring plays and turnovers are also not subject to coaches’ challenges, as these plays are automatically reviewed by the replay officials, who will let the referee know if the play does indeed need to be officially reviewed.

This system does a good job of correcting mistakes. An argument could definitely be made for scrapping the challenge system altogether and replacing it with the system used in the last two minutes of each half and overtime, but for now I will focus on the challenge system as it currently exists. There is one particular part of the challenge system that I really disagree with, that being the rewarding of a third challenge to any team that wins their first two challenges.

I do not believe a team should be rewarded a third challenge simply because they won their first two. I do not think it is not a skill to win two challenges, and therefore, it should not be rewarded with an extra one. Most of the time when a team issues a challenge, they are not necessarily confident that they are going to win the challenge. Sometimes the game situation just calls for a challenge to be made. For example, if a team gives up a big play that has a major detrimental impact on their chances to win the game, that team would practically be compelled to challenge the play if there is any question that the call might not be correct. The result of this replay should have no bearing on whether or not this team should receive another challenge.

Challenges are usually issued because there is a CHANCE they could be overturned and help your team, not because the team has exhibited some great skill and therefore has proven itself worthy of having more opportunities to do so again later in the game.

I suppose the argument could be made that if a team has had two bad calls go against them, and those calls have been overturned, then they deserve to get more chances because it is not their fault the officials messed up. My argument to that is that such a system discourages teams from challenging calls unless they are almost certain they will win the challenge. I contend that teams should be able to challenge questionable plays without the fear that losing a challenge could result in them not getting an extra one later. It is already risky enough that a team would lose a time out if a challenge fails. There should not be an extra risk of losing another opportunity to challenge simply because one or both of their two original challenges could not be overturned.

Another point to be made is that sometimes the video evidence isn’t strong enough to overturn a call even if the call on the field was incorrect. A coach might issue a challenge and be absolutely right, but if the camera wasn’t in the right spot, he could lose the challenge because the evidence cannot be physically seen on the replay. That is not the coach’s fault. The penalty of losing a time out should be enough. He should not be forced to lose an opportunity to issue an extra challenge later because of this.

So I believe that each team should get either two or three challenges per game (I don’t really have a preference), and no extra challenges should be awarded based upon the results from previous challenges.

What do you think?

Monday Morning Quarterback for January 20th


It hard to believe that it has been 20 years since the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan incident rocked the Figure Skating world right before the Winter Olympics in 1994.  ESPN’s 30 for 30 Documentary Series just released its current installment of the Series last Thursday night.  The documentary is entitled “The Price of Gold” and it goes over the events of that incident leading up to the Olympics that year.  If you did not see the documentary last Thursday, be sure to catch the replay.  It is a must watch.

Was Tonya Harding a villain or a victim in this saga?  Many people have differing opinions on the subject.  Here is an article on the topic here.

Leave a message of your thoughts.  I would love to here your opinions.

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The latest episode of the Steve Black Show

When you can, take a listen to last night’s Steve Black Show.  We had Coach Brad Sizemore and Coach Eddie Mahan from the North Laurel Jaguar Basketball teams on the show talking about their teams, we went around campus involving the University of Cumberlands, Union College and The University of Kentucky and had a nice shot clock segment with Jon North, John Gatto, George Carter and Kris Mills.  We had a nice conversation about the upcoming WWE Network.

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What’s on Tap for Tonight’s Steve Black Show 1/16/14

NBA: NOV 16 Pistons v Lakers

As basketball season in the Bluegrass is in full swing, The Steve Black Show will begin a new series of spotlighting schools in the 13th Region.

north laurel

On tonight’s show, we will spotlight the North Laurel High School Jaguar basketball programs.  We have scheduled interviews with Coach’s Brad Sizemore (boys) and Eddie Mahan (girls).  We will discuss the progress of their teams so far this season and their chances of success as they approach the District/Regional Playoffs.

In other segments of the show, we will give you our latest Top 5 13th Region Basketball Rankings, recap top games from last week, preview top match ups for the upcoming week, go around campus with our college updates and of course, the Steve Black Shot Clock round table discussion on some of the top sports issues of the day.

You can join us LIVE tonight at 7pm eastern on The Steve Black Show, the ONLY Uncensored, Unbiased and Unpredictable Show Around!!!!

A Special Steve Black Show Shout Out to my Niece, Claudia Renee Black who turns 11 today.  Happy Birthday Claudia!!  Uncle Steve loves you very much!!!!!


Claudia is on the right……

Tuesday Thoughts: The return of the Charlotte Hornets


Tuesday Thoughts: The return of the Charlotte Hornets

Growing up in Kentucky I obviously love basketball. When I was young I was a huge fan of Michael Jordan. I was also a fan of Larry Johnson who played for the Charlotte Hornets. I also thought the hornet’s team colors were unique and cool.

Larry Johnson

The Hornets were established in Charlotte in 1988 and played their finalize season in North Carolina in 2002. They then relocated to New Orleans. Charlotte would establish a new NBA franchise in 2004. The majority of basketball fans anticipated the new team mascot name to the “Flight.” These being a duel win with North Carolina being made famous for aviation pioneers and basketball being a game that specializes in elevation off the ground. Instead the franchise chose the nickname….bobcats.

What a disappointment.

At the start of the 2013 season New Orleans changed their nickname from hornets to pelicans. Another great opportunity missed. New Orleans Spirits maybe, but pelicans?!?!

Therefore, because the name hornets was free again, Charlotte will officially be the hornets again in the 2014-15 season. Click here for the Yahoo press release article with the new logos.