The Most Overrated College Football Entrance

I have been a faithful college football fan my entire life. It’s true I have toddler pictures when I was young hiding inside a football toy box to prove it. There are several good college entrances which are unique and one day I hope to experience them live in person. There are others however, though loud and cool, which are overrated. Take Virginia Tech for example who is known for a loud crowd going nuts when the team comes onto the field to Enter Sandman. Some people call it the best college football entrance, but I do not. There is nothing unique or special about coming onto the field to a popular Metallica song.

michigan uniforms

The most overrated entrance in my opinion belongs to the University of Michigan. Its always shown on television and there are camera flashes going off throughout the stadium as the Wolverines take the field and…….slap a plastic sign donated by the booster club……

Really……Why is this special? There is no famous stone┬áto touch before coming out of the locker room or animal leading the way for the team onto the turf. Just a plastic banner waving in the wind, that is replaced every year and lets the football players know that the boosters have donated funding to ensure they eat nice dinners on away games.

Where is the creativity? How about the team run through the middle of the band while they form a huge “M”? How about a real wolverine be lead out first as the team walks out of the locker room? What about a cooler banner listing the national titles and Heisman trophy winners to touch? Nope, too creative. If this was the NFL then Michigan would receive a big…C’MON MAN!!!

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