The Stud’s Blog-The Comeback

Well, it has been almost 2 weeks since my return and I admit, my Stud Nation, I have not kept up with my blogging duties.

The Comeback


My return resulted in 2 losses from 2 very hard fought matchs. I do not really count wins and losses, per se. I count my comeback as a success. The self doubts I had days before my return were the most nagging I have ever felt.

I wondered, much like a veteran of baseball, could I still hit the inside curve? As a football quarterback could I still stand in the pocket and throw the 30 yd completion as the linebacker was bearing down on me? You see my Stud Nation, October 12th was not about wins or losses. It was not about making a fan furious (which I did).  It was about climbing back in the ring.  The ring that I am at home in.

It was about hitting the spots and not feeling or looking like a man who the business had passed by. You see my Stud Nation, there comes a time in every man or woman’s life when the respect of your peers means everything.  I have the respect of my peers.

I slso needed the respect of the man I have to see in the mirrior everyday and YES, my Stud Nation, I got that respect.

Yes I may have lost a half step, I may have lost my ability to give that big move off the top, but I can still go.  Some of you can count 0-2 as a failure, but I count it as my success.  I will be back again, again and again!!!

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