Monday Morning Quarterback for October 28th

Should all states have a “mercy rule” when it comes to athletic events?

You may or may not have heard, but a high school football coach in Texas was accused of “bullying” from a parent of a player on the opposing team after Aledo High School beat Fort Worth Western Hills 91-0 in a game played earlier in October.

Under Texas law, accusations of bullying of any kind have to be investigated.  The Aledo coaching staff was cleared of all charges of bullying by the school district a few days later.

In fact, the head coach of Aledo, Tim Buchanan, himself had asked the officials several times during the game if there could be a running clock to speed up the game. 

bullying Aledo Football Coach Tim Buchanan

Unlike many states, Texas does not have a mercy rule when it comes to athletic events.  You can read more about this situation here.

The state of Kentucky has a mercy rule for football in which if a team is winning by a margin of 45 or more points in the second half, the game clock will continue to run to speed up the game.  I witnessed the rule in action this past Friday night with Williamsburg and Lynn Camp (final 53-0).

Here is my question again….

Should all states have a “mercy rule” when it comes to athletic events?  What are your thoughts on this subject?  Feel free to leave your comments here….


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