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Happy Halloween!!!!

Tonight on the show we welcome first year South Laurel football coach Matt Rhymer.

Wayne Co.

We go around campus in 90 seconds for Union college, University of the Cumberlands, and the University of Kentucky. Then on The Shot Clock we discuss college football, the world series, NFL, NBA, and whats your favorite Halloween candy?

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KHSAA 2013 Football Final District Standings

Here are the Final 2013 KHSAA (Kentucky High School Athletic Association) District Standing for schools in our local area (Bell, Clay, Harlan, Laurel, Knox and Whitley Counties). Local teams are in BOLD.




Class 1A, District 5


Williamsburg          3-0     Champion

Campbellsville         2-1

Berea                      1-2

Lynn Camp            0-3


Class 1A, District 6


Hazard                     3-0     Champion

Pineville                 2-1

Harlan Ind.             1-2

Jenkins                    0-3


Class 2A; District 7

Danville    Middlesboro     Somerset

Danville                         2-1     Co-Champion

Middlesboro               2-1     Co-Champion

Somerest                      2-1     Co-Champion

Lexington Christian      0-3


Class 3A; District 4

Wayne Co.

Wayne County            4-0     Champion

Bell County                3-1

Corbin                        2-2

Caesy County             1-3

McCreary Cental         0-4


Class 4A; District 6

Russell Co.

Russell County              3-0     Champion

Knox Central                2-1

Rockcastle County        1-2

Clay County                  0-3


Class 5A; District 7

Pulaski Co.

Pulaski County                  5-0     Champion

Madison Southeren           4-1

North Laurel                    3-2

Lincoln County                  2-3

Pulaski SW                        1-4

South Laurel                    0-5


Class 5A; District 8

Harlan co.

Harlan County                   3-0     Champion

Perry County Central         1-2

Letcher County Central      1-2

Whitley County                1-2


Congradulations to all of the District winners for 2013.

The Stud’s Blog-The Comeback

Well, it has been almost 2 weeks since my return and I admit, my Stud Nation, I have not kept up with my blogging duties.

The Comeback


My return resulted in 2 losses from 2 very hard fought matchs. I do not really count wins and losses, per se. I count my comeback as a success. The self doubts I had days before my return were the most nagging I have ever felt.

I wondered, much like a veteran of baseball, could I still hit the inside curve? As a football quarterback could I still stand in the pocket and throw the 30 yd completion as the linebacker was bearing down on me? You see my Stud Nation, October 12th was not about wins or losses. It was not about making a fan furious (which I did).  It was about climbing back in the ring.  The ring that I am at home in.

It was about hitting the spots and not feeling or looking like a man who the business had passed by. You see my Stud Nation, there comes a time in every man or woman’s life when the respect of your peers means everything.  I have the respect of my peers.

I slso needed the respect of the man I have to see in the mirrior everyday and YES, my Stud Nation, I got that respect.

Yes I may have lost a half step, I may have lost my ability to give that big move off the top, but I can still go.  Some of you can count 0-2 as a failure, but I count it as my success.  I will be back again, again and again!!!

Monday Morning Quarterback for October 28th

Should all states have a “mercy rule” when it comes to athletic events?

You may or may not have heard, but a high school football coach in Texas was accused of “bullying” from a parent of a player on the opposing team after Aledo High School beat Fort Worth Western Hills 91-0 in a game played earlier in October.

Under Texas law, accusations of bullying of any kind have to be investigated.  The Aledo coaching staff was cleared of all charges of bullying by the school district a few days later.

In fact, the head coach of Aledo, Tim Buchanan, himself had asked the officials several times during the game if there could be a running clock to speed up the game. 

bullying Aledo Football Coach Tim Buchanan

Unlike many states, Texas does not have a mercy rule when it comes to athletic events.  You can read more about this situation here.

The state of Kentucky has a mercy rule for football in which if a team is winning by a margin of 45 or more points in the second half, the game clock will continue to run to speed up the game.  I witnessed the rule in action this past Friday night with Williamsburg and Lynn Camp (final 53-0).

Here is my question again….

Should all states have a “mercy rule” when it comes to athletic events?  What are your thoughts on this subject?  Feel free to leave your comments here….


Have a good week!!


Our latest episode 10-24-13

Take a listen to our latest episode of the Steve Black Show.  Those on the show included JT Elliott, John Gatto, Bo Kidd, George Carter and Donney Jackson.  We had a great interview with Corbin Girls Soccer Coach Eric Steely and we had our latest edition of The Stud Corner.  Take a listen.

Monday Morning Quarterback for October 21

Here are a few things that happened over the past weekend…..

Bell County gets a major win over Corbin.

This goes without saying, but this year’s Bell County’s football team has had a rough go of it.  Going into last Friday’s game with Corbin, Bell was in danger of having to start the first round of the playoffs on the road if they lost to Corbin.  Bell hasn’t played a first round playoff game on the road since playing at Rockcastle County in 2006.  Many people, including myself, had Corbin winning this game.  Corbin was coming into the game with just 1 loss (a close 7 point loss at Wayne County).

It is tough to beat Bell County at Log Mountain.  Bell County showed everyone why it is so tough.  Scoreless into the last seconds of the game, Bell scored on a 1 yard touchdown run with 16 seconds left to secure a 7-0 hard fought win over Corbin, and thus securing a first round home playoff game.  Coach Wayne Mills has done his best coaching job this year with his young team.  Bobcat pride still runs high on the Mountain!!

wayne mills bell county

The SEC may not be as top heavy as people might think.


The SEC proved this past Saturday that it has a tough conference from top to bottom.  Several ranked conference teams took loses on Saturday.  Tennessee beats South Carolina on a last second field goal, as did Ole Miss over LSU.  Vandy beat a tough, but injury riddled Georgia team, as did Missouri over Florida.  Auburn goes into College Station and outlasts Johnny Football and the Aggies.  Only Alabama had an easy time of it as they blew out Arkansas for the second straight year.  If you know me, I am not a fan of the SEC, but it was great to see some these teams beat the “Heavyweights” this past weekend.

St. Louis and Boston for the World Series Title.

AmericanLeagueLogo                                   national league

Both St. Louis and Boston punched their tickets for the World Series with victories in game 6 of their respective League Championship Series’, the Cardinals over the Dodgers and the RedSox over the Tigers.  If the World Series is as good as the League Championships were, we are in for a great October Classic!!

Oh yeah, the University of Kentucky basketball team had their Big Blue Madness on Friday night at Rupp Arena.  Get ready for all of the drive for number 9 talk.  Lord knows I am….If you know me, I was just kidding there……



Have yourself a great week!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight on the Show…(Oct. 17, 2013)

Its district tournament time for high school soccer and we break down both girls and boys  futbol action!

corbin soccer shirt

As football teams get deeper into the season we have the recaps and previews for all yoru favorite teams in the Tri County / 25E area. A brand new Football Rankings will also be revealed.

We go around campus in 90 seconds for Union College, University of the Cumberlands, and University of Kentucky.

Then on The Shot Clock, our panel will debate NCAA football, MLB playoffs, NFL, and The Walking Dead!

walking dead

Finally, independent wrestler Ryan Dookie responds to The Kentucky Stud!!

Catch us live at 7pm Thursday evening or anytime 24/7 on demand!

Monday Morning Quarterback for October 14th

Welcome to this week’s Monday Morning Quarterback.


You may have heard about what happened with governing body of high school sports in the state of Kentucky (KHSAA) this past week with its directive on post game handshakes.  The KHSAA backed off on the wording of their communication to say that they (KHSAA) would not be responsible for any incidents that happen during the post game handshake.  If you are not familiar with the issue, check out the following article from

We discussed this topic with guest Jeff Canady, Athletic Director of Knox County Schools on our October 10th show.  Listen to what he had to say.

Why have such a directive?  The reasoning was that there have a few incidents during postgame handshakes over the last few years in which fights have occurred.    If you look at the number of fights that break out after games and compare it to the number of games that have been played across the county, that percentage is going to be very small.  Of course, we don’t remember the times that sportsmanship was practiced after a game.  We will remember the one time something bad happens.


The KHSAA states that if teams decide to have a post game handshake and if an incident occurs, that the responsibility goes to the schools, not the game officials.  I agree to where the responsibility lies, but I think it goes deeper than that.  Not only do the schools need to be responsible, but EVERYONE associated with the schools need to share in that responsibility.  This includes the people who support the teams and most of all, the PARENTS!!!

If you go to a ball game, what do you see?  You will see fans (most of them parents) act like children when comes to the play on the field.  Who normally gets the brunt of their distain?  Game Officials.  When kids see some parents act like they do at games, especially with game officials, why should we be surprised when some kids act the way they do after games.

I could go on forever on this topic, but what do you say about the topic?  Leave your comments here.

Have a great week!!!!!!

The Stud’s Blog-Time is drawing close…..

The days to my return are moving like a comet though the Night Sky. I began to pack my wrestling gear bag with my tools of the trade. It involves so much detail to pack just right. I have 3 pair of custom boots to chose from, as well as numerous singlets and wrestling tights. I coordinate each thing. I am a true believer in Image and appreance to the fans.

I am trying to coordinate my Saturday as far as getting a workout in and finishing up any last details. I need to have more pictures copied to sell. I am a heel “bad guy” but people still buy my pictures to tear them up in front of me. Long as the $$ they spend does not get torn I’m a happy camper.

I will try to get a good meal Friday night as I’m sure my stomach will be too nervous on Saturday to eat. I have always said the day I don’t get nervous on a show day. I will hang up my boots.  I expect Saturday to be very hectic. I may not have time to blog much the rest of this week due to outside responblity. I hope to take you along step by step Saturday night up till I enter the ring.  I sincerely hope you are enjoying my thoughts as much as I am putting them down. It has heighted my excitement for my return.