Tonight on the Show….(August 29, 2013)

Week 1 of the 2013 high school football season is in the books. We recap the highlights from the first week and preview the Friday night match ups!

Also, for Union¬† College and University of the Cumberlands its a challenging way to start the season as the winner walks off the field with the Brass Lantern! Both school’s head coaches join us to discuss the match up!

  • Union College football head coach Tommy Reid
  • University of the Cumberlands football head coach John Bland

brass lantern

Also joining us to speak about the administrative side of this match up, as well as, debate the game during The Shot Clock are: John Gotto, Union College Asst. Sports Information Director and Tim Bargo, University of the Cumberlands football chaplin..

Which picture represents what we will see Saturday?

union brass lantern cumberlands brass lantern

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