How many versions of uniforms can we have?

oregon football uniforms

New uniforms have become a pop culture spectacle for college football. From futuristic to retro looks, these uniforms typically make a once a year appearance and are intended to generate fan excitement due to the uniqueness. The jerseys are then typically auctioned off to support either the college’s scholarship program or a charity. However, someone schools go for a entirely new identify through re-branding their logos and designs for the entire athletic department.

The reception of these uniforms is both hit and miss. Just ask Oregon, which usually has a completely new uniform design from shoes to helmet each game thanks to alumnus Phil Knight, Nike founder. But let’s look at a few other examples.

Black-Kentucky-Football-Uniforms kentucky grey uniforms

Kentucky in black uniforms…. horrible. Not one of their major colors. It’s kinda like the nerdy kid at school trying to look like an athlete just by wearing a jersey. Kentucky in the grey uniforms this year will look a lot better. The grey color is one of their traditional accent colors, plus the grey looks like a shade of coal dust.

NCAA Football: Miami at Maryland

Maryland tried to display their identity with a uniform similar to the state flag. It was a disaster.

army football uniform

Army though is one of only a few teams that could pull this off. Camo uniforms clearly state their identity and look tough as nails.

michigan uniforms

Michigan with a big M on the front…very cool. Classic and simple, a good mix of old school and new school.

For more uniform updates from across the nation check out the following Nike website:

What are your thoughts? Are you in favor or traditional uniforms or do you enjoy change? Let us know in the comments section.

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